July 23, 2016

About OPSO


The Orchard Park Symphony Orchestra was founded sixty-nine years ago by eight musicians in the living room of Parl Brooks’ home on Clark Street in Orchard Park. With the assistance of the Orchard Park Central School District’s community education program, the embryonic orchestra retained its first conductor, Joesph Wincenc. The first concert featured Betty Smith as its first solo artist performing the second movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 12 in A Major.  A half century later, the 50th season opened under the direction of Dr. David Rudge and continues to have the support of the Orchard Park Central School District with the use of the Joseph Wincenc auditorium at the middle school for rehearsals and the use of the High School auditorium for concerts. Dr. Rudge assisted in developing the Orchestra’s musical ability and over the past 20 years has enhanced the Orchestra’s tradition of exceptional quality, both in its musicianship and the solo artists, such as Cathy Cho, Peter Stumpf, Jeremy Denk, Carol Wincenc, Mark O’Conner, Eduardus Halim, Simon Boyar, Claudia Hoca, Rachel Lee and Simon Mulligan.

Executive Board

Barney Colón – Co-President
Meri Beth Jones – Co-President
Peg Beyer – Past President
Doug Ward – Vice President
Joan Litwin – Vice President
Nan Ackerman – Vice President
Maureen Thiel – Vice President of Marketing
Catherine Nagel – General Counsel

Board Members

Al Sager
Ann Thea Beck
Don Carduci
Elaine Rappold
Emilie Beecher
Gail Freeman
Jason Majchrzak
Jillian Beyer
JoAnn Litwin-Clinton
Lora Sambora
Lynn O’Conner
Matthew McGarrity
Michael Anton Sciortino
Paul Furlong
Roseann Deni
Stan Hooper


James Ieda Nicole McPherson Eric Jeffers
Randy Cole Dorea Holmes Collin Folger
Susan Carlton Ed Katz
Linda Ward PICCOLO
Merry Jeffers Gabrielle Moore
Denise Uhlman TIMPANI
Jillian Beyer OBOE Molly Williams
Sally Schaefer Brenda Small
Carl Lam Laura Buechi HARP
Sharon Valites Cristin Kalinowski
VIOLIN II  Laura Buechi
Barney Colón GUITAR
Vivian Johnston CLARINET Michael Kankiewicz
Linda Dansa Charles Vara
Michael Anton Sciortino Elaine Rappold
Lora Sambora
Maria Czechowski BASSOON
Emily Pavelski Paul Furlong
Lora Sambora Douglas Ward
VIOLA    Larry Deni
Amy Kelly Kara Mayer
Andrea Haas Nathan Barnes
George Herbert
Annette Ieda FRENCH HORN
Codi Bartolucci Michael Ruesch
Dennis Lell Ann Furlong
Julie Robinson
Nan Cobb
CELLO    Mike Robertson
Lynne Ruda
Margaret Beyer TROMBONE
Nanci Bailey Peter Karda
John Bailey Peter Blackwell
Alicia Herbert William Haile
Ann Beck
Ben Rood
Emily Finlan
BASS Fred Lenz
Colin O’Donnell
Teresa Nojaim