December 2, 2015

Women’s Committee

2015 Scholarship Recipient, Angel Rhodes, performing with the OPSO in the Spring 2019 Concert

Purpose: The Women’s Committee of the Orchard Park Symphony was founded in 1957 to provide hospitality for the orchestra and soloists, to provide music scholarships for qualifying secondary school musicians, and to promote attendance at the concerts and appreciation of fine music.

Structure of the Women’s Committee: The Executive Board consists of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership. Committees are selected to handle hospitality, scholarship competition, fund raisers, and other responsibilities as needed.


“Orchard Park High School Fiddlers” opening for Jay Unger and Molly Dixon in February 2019

  • The Women’s Committee Coffees are held on the Thursday preceding the concerts at 10 a.m. at the Orchard Park Country Club. The entertainment is frequently enhanced by guest speakers, musicians and artists.
  • The Women’s Committee hosts the Spring Concert reception for artists, guests and audience.
  • The Women’s Committee refreshments are provided for orchestra members during rehearsal four times a season.
  • The Women’s Committee annual competition for scholarships is held for qualifying secondary school musicians.
  • The Women’s Committee plant sale is held each year in May and June utilizing local growers who contribute a percentage of their total sales, generated by coupons, which have been sold by all committee members.

Women’s Committee Coffee Hours

The Women’s Committee Coffees are held on the Thursday preceding the concerts at 10 a.m. at the Orchard Park Country Club, 4777 South Buffalo Street, Orchard Park.


The Women’s Committee invites anyone who has an interest in good music and enjoys and appreciates our own local Southtowns Symphony to please contact the Membership Chairman, Kathy Story at

Get Involved & Have Fun!

Executive Board

  • President: Gail Freeman
  • Vice President(s): Heidi Salva, Amy San Filipina
  • Recording Secretary: Liliana Cirulli
  • Corresponding Secretary: Helen Sanders
  • Treasurer: Sharon Spagnoli
  • Membership: Kathy Story

Women’s Committee Pre-concert Brunch


Gail Freeman – President
(248) 766-1924

2022 Annual Music Scholarship Competition Winners Announced!

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April 9th, 2022 Chiavetta’s Chicken BBQ

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