The Orchard Park Symphony Orchestra

Seventy years ago, in the cozy confines of Parl Brooks' living room on Clark Street in Orchard Park, a handful of intrepid musicians came together to lay the foundation of what would become the celebrated Orchard Park Symphony Orchestra. With the support of the Orchard Park Central School District's adult education program, the fledgling ensemble welcomed its first conductor, the distinguished Joseph Wincenc. The orchestra's inaugural performance - an open rehearsal that brimmed with promise and potential - featured a remarkable soloist in Betty Smith (Mrs. George Smith), whose masterful interpretation of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 12 in A Major set the tone for the orchestra's future artistic excellence. Today, as we reflect on our storied history, we are proud to carry forward the same spirit of passion, dedication, and artistic innovation that marked our humble beginnings. It is with deep reverence for our founding members and the countless music lovers who have supported us along the way that we continue to flourish and grow, delivering unforgettable performances that inspire and delight audiences far and wide.

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